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we beat the speed of light for soft serve

the ice cream truck was at least
a mile ahead of the house.
you, jogging, i, piggyback,
three minutes later, catching it

when you let me off your shoulders
i must have defied gravity

my feet hit the ground
but my head hasn’t been
pulled down yet

still hundreds of miles
from the end of the ground
and start-of-the-sky.

how two free floaters
such as ourselves found each other
i’ll never know. i hope

the universe never tells either.

doesn’t it make you want to
jump ship

and start over, losing
your religion

of einstein or whoever
invented e equals
mc squared anyways?

abandon physics,
the hippies say
wear my flowers instead.

Olivia Rose is the 2020 recipient of the Academy of American Poets Jean Burden Poetry Prize. She has over twenty five publications, including poems featured in Querencia Press, Beyond Words Literary Magazine, Tofu Ink Arts Press, and Gypsophila. Her work has been praised and honored by the California Writers Club, the San Mateo County Poet Laureate and the San Mateo County Literary Arts Department. Olivia holds a degree in Creative Writing and is currently pursuing a juris doctor in Los Angeles. All of her published work is featured on @oliviarosethewriter on Instagram and highlights are featured on www.oliviaumstead.com

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