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How to Get Out of A Reading Slump

Getting into a reading slump is the worst thing that can happen to a devoted and passionate reader. Whether it’s just for a few days, weeks, or months, the thought of picking up a book becomes suddenly like a chore. Sometimes a bad book is the reason why we are in a slump, in the first place. However, there are remedies that can help cure it and prevent any future slumps.

Re-Read A Favorite

Reading a favorite book can help remind you of why you love reading in the first place. Plus, there’s a thrill to rediscovering passages and details within a book that can make you fall in love with the book even more!

Pick Up A Fast-Paced Book

Most of the time, what puts me in a reading slump in the first place is a slow, never ending book. Choosing a book that won’t take a long time to read can reignite your passion for reading.

Switch Up Your Surroundings

Changing your atmosphere from time to time can also be very effective. If it’s a sunny day, grab a book and a blanket, and find a quiet place in a local park to read! Maybe try a bookshop or coffeeshop. There’s no better place to read than somewhere that’s filled with books.

Set Reasonable Goals

Breaking down the book into smaller pieces will ultimately lead you to reaching your goal. Start off with 20 pages a day. It shouldn’t take you long and it’s probably enough pages for you to actually get a sense of what the book is about. You can also set a specific time of the day aside just for reading. It could be in the morning right before work or school, or at night to help you wind down.

There are plenty of ways to get out of a reading slump, and these are just a few! With some patience, anyone should be able to rediscover their love for reading.

Bashaer Jaberi is a senior in high school in California. She is passionate about writing, traveling, learning new languages, and reading. She plans to study International Relations in college.

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